The George Boole Foundation wishes to invite you to a ZOOM meeting to be held at the end of October or first week in November, 2021.

This meeting will review reasons for the final design of the SDGToolkit whose website can be accessed here, and to invite attendees to participate in an evaluation of the system. The objetive is to receive feedback on the system from potential stakeholders and users in a staged approach following the sequence of a new Due Diligence Design Procedure. The details are outlined in an invitation document that can be accessed here.

The evaluation is planned to run for 12 months and will require a modest financial contribution. The benefit to participants includes the modification of the system to conform with any addtional specific requirements of those organizations who collaborate in this exercise. These modifications will not alter the time schedule and will not incur any additional costs.

In order to receive notification of the dates and times convenient to those wishing to attend the ZOOM meeting at the end of October 2021 or beginning of November 2021, the form below will permit those who are interested to register their interest in attending this meeting and to state the most convenient days for them to participate. It could be that as a result of the spread of days received, that we might organize more than one meeting.

In the meantime we will use the email addresses supplied to send additional information and keep in touch.

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