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Voluntary donations

Voluntary donations in support of SDF objectives provided by institutions and people who wish to help fund this type of activity without themselves being directly involved. Funds received are also used to support of the applied development activities of The George Boole Foundation Limited to advance the state of knowledge and innovation in addressing Sustainable Development Goals. This payments facility can accept any amount but donations in excess of £150 will provide a free subscription to SEEL's Strategic Review Quarterly for one year.

As a non-profit organization all funds received are dedicated to applied development work. There are no shares or profit taking by any associates or Foundation officials. The directorship is an honorary position. Normal external services are paid for at the most competitive rates attainable.

Those wishing to make donations to the Sustainable Development Facility to support its objectives can do so by donating as follows:
  • For sums of any amount please use the PayPal facility on the right. This payment can be via a PayPal account or using a Credit or Debit Card and these methods of payment require the provision by the payer's email so we can record who has contributed as well as to send reports on how the funds are being used.

We no longer provide our bank details online as a result of risk of illicit entry