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Donor information
A document providing an explanation of the creation of SDGToolkit and the benefits for donors can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

Donors are those who provide the funds to pay for the resources deployed in projects and programmes in support of Sustainable Development Goals. Donors can be individuals, lending organizations, development agencies, non-governmental organizations, government aid agencies and private companies.

In the context of the Sustainable Development Facility, donor funds are not considered to be a commercial investment but rather payment for the provision of extension services provided by The George Boole Foundation Limited which include the orientation and training of donor clients (referred to as beneficiaries) in the use of an advanced project design, full cycle portfolio-based management system (SDGToolkit) including on-the-job support in the design of up to two projects. Although beneficiary-centric, this service also provides donors with detailed reporting facilities through a Real Time Monitoring & Evaluation system which provides on-demand analysis and reporting on any aspect of any project in a portfolio including:

  • Gaps & needs analysis
  • Project design options
  • Reason for selected design
  • Implementation (setup)
  • Operations (carrying out tasks)
  • Operational decisions taken to adjust to any changing conditions and the results of decisions
  • Internal evaluations of all project tasks (activities)
  • Adjusted operational design for post-funding operations

To receive additional information please refer to the document "Cost-effective donor support for Sustainable Development Goals" by clicking on the image on the left.

How to set up a SDF project as a donor

In order to review the suitability of an SDF project in increasing the performance of donor funds please contact us so that we can review your requirements and clarify any questions.

Telephone: +44 (0) 7760 444 625

or email: sdfextension@boolean.org.uk

Any payments made for the training service for clients of the donors and where the donors remain as part of the service project with oversight powers, are subject to an agreed project plan and contract concerning tasks, timing and costs. All payments are against submitted invoices and bank transfers.

Frequently asked questions

Although this services is relatively unique, the index below is a series of questions that might occur to donors when assessing their potential interest in this service.

What is the difference between a facility and a fund?
No significant difference although the SDF is a management provision to administer a specific use of the funds.
Is the SDF a general fund or are donor funds kept separate?
Donors contributing the full project amount for the 5 years execution period have their funds in separate accounts. Funds contributed by donors to support the objectives of the SDF but who do not wish to oversee the service for a particular beneficiary will not have separate accounts but will receive reports on the use of their funds.
Does the SDF have an oversight committee?
Oversight is conducted through reporting on each project making use of SDGToolkit reporting facilities. These reports are submitted by SDGTolkit.com to the donors concerned who can organize oversight committees or appoint portfolio managers to receive reports.
What are the donor contribution schedules?
Payments are made in beginning of year tranches so there are five basic payments.
What are the terms and conditions in the service contract?
These are normal service assignment contracts and templates can be provided on request.
What are the conditions for termination of a service contract?
Donors can terminate contracts if they are dissatisfied with progress based on beneficiary feedback. Some parts of paid tranches can also be returned depending upon whether or not the components funded in any particular year have been delivered.
Can two or more donors share this service?
Yes, this is a way for two or more donors to reduce their financial commitment while sharing the experience with other donors.
Can there be more than one beneficiary organization?
Yes. However, because each beneficiary organization has an assigned dedicated server for security and other reasons, the funding setup will require more funds.
How are disbursements controlled?
Disbursements are paid in beginning of year tranches against satisfactory completion of previous year's services.
How are evaluations organized?
The SDGToolkit possesses and elaborate internal monitoring and evaluation system which provides real time data for a Project Memory. This data as well as all project records remain accessible for any external M&E assignment organized by donors.
What are the audit and accountancy oversight provisions?
Six monthly SDF bank statements are accompanied by project expenditure accounts.
Where are donor funds held before disbursement?
Donor tranches are held in the SDF Appeal account at Barclays Bank plc.
Can a donor make use of this service while not using the SDF?
In principal no but there might be circumstances or propositions that make this a practical solution.
Can this service be used by commercial investors?
Yes. The operational and contract conditions would be identical to any other donor in payment for the service. The service, however, is not classified by the George Boole Foundation as a commercial investment but as a service provided on non-profit basis.